20 Ara 2010

My Jewelry Featured on JewelryObserver.com

Islamic Inspired Jewelry By Fatima Solmazgul

Tell Us Something About You And Your Jewelry

I’m living in the beautiful historical city Istanbul. Mostly I spend my time at mosques and other lovely historical places.

I love to feel the relax atmosphere and serenity. I design my jewelry at these places.

What Kind Of Materials Are You Using?

Sterling silver, fine silver and 22kt gold for custom orders

What Got You Started Jewelry Crafting?

8 years ago I started making OOAK jewelry as a hobby.

I love to make jewelry that breathes Ottoman history and shows my beautiful life as a Turkish-Muslim woman.

How and/or Where Do You Sell Your Jewelry?

Directly to my customers, on my Etsy Shop and on other online shops.

What Is Your Source of Inspiration?

I find my inspiration in historical details, that tells me how our forefathers were creating jewelry.

Why Handmade Jewelry?

I buy and wear handmade clothes and jewelry myself. I love to create and make handmade goods.

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